I'm back.

2017-04-01 00:03:18 by Donno576

Welp. After a few months of doing other shit and ect, i've finally returned and i'm back at it again with reviews and other stuff. And with doing reviews that means i won't be able to make much art or animations (Not like you guys really cared.) so yeah, get ready for more dumb garbo and shit.


2016-06-24 18:39:30 by Donno576

Just whatever all my sorrys go out to the people i've wronged or have royaly fucked over.


2016-06-24 17:03:03 by Donno576

You know what's funny? how i weirdly get hate for just judging a persons flash like jeez man its not like i said that you fucking suck at making flashes all i'm just saying is that its bad and needsĀ improvements.


2016-05-15 19:01:56 by Donno576

I revamped my whole profile with all different stuff